Business and Law of Marijuana stated as a class taught by Marc J. Ross at Hofstra University School of Law School, titled Business and Law of Marijuana, the first class of its kind in the US. The class  was designed for students to think intellectually about the changing Cannabis industry, while also applying the rules and laws to real time hypotheticals.  In late December 2015, Mr. Ross in conjunction with Thomas S. Wolinetz, launched the Business and Law of Marijuana blog.  This blog was to be a single, non-biased, location for people, including  students, professionals, and individuals who think about the industry, to dissect and analyze current trends in the Cannabis industry. As a result of the success of this platform, we decided to launch this website to be an even more expansive resource for the Cannabis Industry.  mrcannaking.com will be a single resource where individuals and business can find everything they need related to the Cannabis industry. Whether it is current events, current legislative initiatives, and states in which Cannabis is legal, attorneys who practice in the industry, Cannabis stock indexes and many other resources.

Our mission at mrcannaking.com is to continue to be a neutral, completely non-bias, resource for individuals and businesses in the Cannabis industry.  We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date content in the Cannabis industry as well as provide you with the best resources to assist you in navigating the Cannabis industry.